Balance Training & Fall Prevention Techniques Mission & Penitas, TX

Balance Training & Fall Prevention Techniques

Physical Therapy to Treat Balance and Fall

When you come to see a physical therapist, your visit begins with a comprehensive physical exam to determine what your problems are and what is causing them. Physical therapists are experts in the human body and in movement in particular. They know how to detect problems that may not be obvious at first and they are trained to identify the source of these problems. They can not only see when you have a balance and/or gait disorder, they can also do the detective work necessary to find what is causing it.

There are multiple exercises and tools available to physical therapists to treat balance and gait disorders. If the disorder is an issue of weak muscles, the solution could be to strengthen those muscles through targeted exercises. Your therapist will guide you through these exercises and may give you exercises to do on your own at home.

Your disorder may be caused by a lack of flexibility as well. People can lose flexibility as they age or stay inactive, but they can also lose flexibility following surgery. If flexibility is an issue, your physical therapist can teach you stretches that will lessen the tension in your body and improve your range of motion.

Help for Balance and Fall Issues

Your hard work with a physical therapist could yield significant benefits for you over the long-term. For instance, sometimes physical therapy can eliminate the need for a cane or walker. Contact Terry Physical Therapy today  at Mission & Penitas, TX Centers to discuss your physical therapy options and to learn how we can help with your balance and gait disorder. We look forward to speaking with you!