Letty Rosales

Letty Rosales, Office Manager

Leticia Rosales “Letty” has had the honor and privilege of working for Terry Physical Therapy for twelve years. She manages the internal operations of the facility. Therefore, not only does she work closely with all departments in the office she works with patients, doctors  and insurance companies getting authorization for patients to receive therapy. She is in the office to assist all of the staff and patients with any questions or concerns they have and troubleshoot problems. On occasion, she can be seen out in the community engaging in public relations. She has two children, one boy 7 years old and one girl 11 years old, they currently reside in the city she was born and raised in, Penitas, TX. When away from the office she enjoys the outdoors a great deal. You’ll often find her fishing, hunting, camping or simply spending time on her family ranch with her entire family.