Patient Testimonials

  • Before starting treatment at Terry PT, I came in with severe neck pain. By the second visit I felt a lot less pain and discomfort. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable about their job. Dr. Terry has an excellent staff at both locations. On my discharge day my pain was gone. I would like to express my gratitude for all the effort and help.

    I. Castillo

  • Coming to Terry PT has been a very good experience. I needed to have my muscles conditioned before my hip replacement surgery and all of the therapists were very helpful in accomplishing this. Sometimes some activities were painful so they would suggest doing things a little different and that helped a lot. The ultrasound treatments and muscle stimulating treatments were very helpful along with massage in some very tight muscles. They gave me several exercises to do at home before my surgery, which will be helpful in recovery after surgery. All of the therapists were very pleasant and helpful.

    K. Loe

  • When I first came to Terry PT I was in so much pain in my right neck radiating down into my right arm- with therapy here I have no numbness in the arm anymore and can drive without my neck hurting. I can now iron clothes again without having to stop because of arm numbness. Terry Physical Therapy is the top best as far as I am concerned. When the doctor asked me where I wanted to go I said here, I knew from years ago how good his help is and how caring they all are. They are all so very friendly and kind. You never will be sorry if you need therapy and come here to Terry Physical Therapy. #1 Best.

    B. Moser

  • I injured my right shoulder doing a seated twist pose in my yoga class. I went for about three weeks trying to ignore the pain in my shoulder but it got so bad that I could not sleep at night for the extreme pain. I couldn’t sweep or put dishes away, couldn’t push a shopping cart or carry anything. Extreme for me! I came to Terry Physical Therapy wondering and hoping they could help me without surgery or cortisone injections. After a very thorough range of motion (ROM) evaluation Dr. Terry formulated a plan of recovery, but he said NO yoga for about 8 weeks. Oh no! I complied; I don’t want to be my own worst enemy. After the first week of all the therapy and home exercises I felt a HUGE relief. I was able to sleep through the night without extreme pain. Still couldn’t lift anything or vacuum etc., but I continued as prescribed and after the 8-9 week therapy I am now actually better than before I injured myself because the injury was on top of a 10 year chronic condition of debilitated ROM in my right shoulder and upper arm, that got much better also! Dr. DeLeon’s vision into what is happening in a person’s body is amazing I wonder if he has x-ray vision! I am very grateful to Dr. Terry and Dr. DeLeon and all the patient therapy techs that helped me through this shoulder crisis. And YES I am back on the mat in yoga.

    T. Ballif

  • My PT story, about a month and half ago I came in to Terry PT with a severe sciatic nerve pain. I couldn’t sit or stand very long. The team at Terry PT started working with me. I could see the improvement every week and before you know it my life was getting back to normal. I am now almost 100% thanks to the team at Terry PT. From the front office to the team in the gym, you guys are awesome. I am now using the exercises at home to stay in shape. Thank you Terry PT you guys rock, I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family.

    J. Martinez

  • While lifting my kayak, and other heavy lifting, while on an island near Canada, I sprained my neck. After a week of intense pain I went to emergency care on the mainland. Because of Hurricane Harvey I wasn’t able to fly home for several weeks to the Valley. Dr. Johnson referred me to Terry Physical Therapy. I was in constant severe pain even with my pills. My neck by then was quite frozen in place. My quality of life was very low. Dr. Terry told me he would be able to get better range of motion. The whole staff was so kind and patient with me. They were so positive and supportive. Thank you Dr. Terry and all your staff. I am now pain free and back to all my activities. I would highly recommend Terry Physical Therapy.

    M. Gronlund

  • I had a new hip put in then fell and broke my femur bone. After being in the hospital and rehab I was sent to Terry PT. I came in by wheel chair and now after the great care and treatment with Terry PT and all the great therapists I am walking out with a cane. I am very pleased with the great care and how caring everyone is here. The office girls and therapists are great and caring. Great place!!

    D. Moser

  • I am proud to say that Terry Physical Therapy is like getting a “pot of gold”. I came in walking with a limp on right side of lower extremities. Within a week I was able to get in and out of the car without pain. With the exercises, strengthening and balancing along the deep massage, tens, and ultrasound. I am 97% better than when I came in. My primary care physician is also pleased with my progress. Way to go guys, you make my holiday more enjoyable. Thanks to everyone, all the workers and the doctors are excellent. Five stars for Terry Physical Therapy

    S. Walsh

  • Great experience!!! Good people, very professional! Great attitudes! I’m a 48 year old who had to have a total hip replacement due to advanced (OA) Osteoarthritis. Came in with a walker and within a week had a cane. The exercises I did in rehab I repeated at home. The hardest to overcome was the straight leg raise. Within two weeks I could complete it without assistance. Everything they gave me I pushed to the maximum. This paid off. I walked with a cane until I could go 3 miles; at that point I walked without a cane constantly focusing on form. If I began limping I would revert back to the cane. Within 8 weeks of therapy and 10 weeks from surgery, I ran 1 mile (very slowly and probably not recommended). But you only live once. Completed in 12:02. Thanks guys for all your hard work. Winter is here!!!

    R. Franklin

  • I injured my foot during my last year on the dance team. Which affected my knee causing extreme pain and lack of sleep. I wasn’t able to walk for more than fifteen minutes. Even just sitting down hurt my knee a lot. At Terry Physical Therapy they helped me improve so much. Each staff was caring and determined to make me feel better. They made me feel more confident and strong that I’ll get back to how I was before. Now I’m able to walk all day, sit and sleep without pain. Thank you to all the caring staff, today I can do all the stuff I wasn’t able to do. I’m so thankful that they got me back on track. I recommend Terry Physical Therapy for anyone with pain and seeking great results.

    V. Vela

  • It’s a great place, the people are nice, the equipment and the exercises they give you help a lot. It was always exciting going to get therapy. I’m glad I was able to come here.

    Carlos A.

  • The treatment received was exceptional. The P.T. Staff overall was very friendly and compassionate. Priscilla and Mike were amazing. Thank you guys for a job well done.

    Islande E.