R. Franklin

Great experience!!! Good people, very professional! Great attitudes! I’m a 48 year old who had to have a total hip replacement due to advanced (OA) Osteoarthritis. Came in with a walker and within a week had a cane. The exercises I did in rehab I repeated at home. The hardest to overcome was the straight leg raise. Within two weeks I could complete it without assistance. Everything they gave me I pushed to the maximum. This paid off. I walked with a cane until I could go 3 miles; at that point I walked without a cane constantly focusing on form. If I began limping I would revert back to the cane. Within 8 weeks of therapy and 10 weeks from surgery, I ran 1 mile (very slowly and probably not recommended). But you only live once. Completed in 12:02. Thanks guys for all your hard work. Winter is here!!!